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AI in medical diagnostics -
the fastest way to clinical efficiency

We gather the largest real-world imaging datasets to solve complex biological problems.

Diagnostic medical imaging with RSQ AI.
Shortened diagnostic workflow
RSQ Al helps physicians by instantly analyzing DICOM images at the point of care, improving time to treatment and reducing risk of life threatening hemorrhages
Store sensitive medical data securely
All data is stored locally on your system in compliance with GDPR and the highest healthcare standards.
PACS embedded
RSQ AI is a PACS + AI + Hardware solution. It can be used just for the high performance PACS. If you already have a PACS, RSQ AI can either replace or simply enrich your current PACS solution.
Radiology solutions - Try AI in medical diagnosis.

Life saving system

RSQ AI’s mission is to save and improve lives, especially in triage scenarios found in emergency departments. To achieve this goal, RSQ uses state-of-the-art technology based on evidence-based medicine. We create clinically effective and efficient medical solutions, based on AI.

AI-powered diagnostics

RSQ Al detects minor alterations in images, pathology requiring treatment, and conditions likely to affect long-term well-being.
What is easily overlooked by the human eye is read by RSQ Al in seconds. Al-powered diagnostics combined with physician merit achieve previously impossible clinical accuracy.

Use hospital PACS system with AI in medical imaging.
RSQ AI is radiology solutions for hospitals. The PACS system is used by AI to diagnose DICOM files.

Shortened diagnostic workflow with RSQ AI

RSQ Al shortens intracranial hemorrhage detection from hours to seconds. Using advanced imaging analysis and machine learning techniques, our algorithm is able to classify hemorrhages by clinical presentation. We make radiologists faster and more powerful, through Al.

Secure integration with PACS

RSQ AI seamlessly integrates with your existing PACS, and comes with a built in PACS if you do not currently use one. All data is stored on your device or in a secure cloud meeting the highest healthcare standards with GDPR compliance. Only you and your authorised personnel will have access to patients’ data.

Faster diagnostic medical imaging RSQ AI integrated with the hospital's PACS system.

Our projects

Avaliable now
Intracranial hemorrhages

AI-based detection tool for intracranial hemorrhages.

Learn more
To Be Announced
Lung tumors

AI-based detection tool for lung tumors.

To Be Announced
Upper limb fractures

AI-based detection tool for upper limb fractures.

Learn more

RSQ AI case example

The patient enters the hospital

The patient is brought to the emergency department and then is referred for a CT scan.

Medical imaging taken

A CT scan is acquired of the patient.

RSQ AI automatically pulls imaging from PACS

RSQ AI queries PACS for any DICOM images present.

AI looks for pathologies

Thanks to our machine learning algorithms, RSQ AI automatically scans incoming images and scans for pathologies, e.g. hemorrhages.

A medical report is generated

A report is generated and sent via e-mail to the physician of choice, providing specific information on the type, location, and volume of the hemorrhage.

RSQ AI is a big change for the radiology team and it was certainly a positive surprise for them.
It is a new perspective on the hospital's operations, on diagnosing imaging, and many other things.

We already have a terrific radiology team that interprets the imaging very skillfully, but everything takes time. Automatically, imaging that requires very urgent review and treatment can be detected by the system which improves the triage workflow. I am very pleased that we have been able to implement such a solution with RSQ Technologies. AI in medical imaging is our future.

Leslaw Lenartowicz, MD - opinion about RSQ AI

Lesław Lenartowicz, MD

Director of Hipolit Cegielski Hospital, Poznań, Poland

How to get RSQ AI?


Request a consultation with RSQ Team


An initial proposal is sent


Test datasets from your institution are shared

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RSQ AI is installed and supported


A custom, institution-specific system is created
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We create healthcare solutions to heal the software used for treating patients. RSQ solutions are being utilised globally by over 5000 physicians.


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